Social media discussions take place usually on the premise whether a film is good and another one is not good. If this calculation works out in the case of movies, it can be said any such social discussions in web series will do more to help those series. Here's the recent release of Rana Naidu's web series that has reportedly been helped by this negative publicity. This web series produced by Venkatesh Rana has come with huge expectations.

But all those who watched this series initially commented how Venky could act in such a silly series. They trolled saying that this series was meant to damage Venkatesh's image. If everyone is giving such negative feedback on Rana Naidu, then viewers started to see the series thinking what is the big deal in it.

Finally, those who commented in the beginning are silent but are stunned after seeing Rana Naidu. Rana is doing heavy promotions for this series. Since Daggubati's two major heroes have done it together and hence for the promotions of this web series, the name of Ramanaidu Studio has also been changed to Rana Naidu for publicity's sake.

This series is now trending on Netflix, which shows the extent to which this negative publicity has helped. The audience who saw Venkatesh in a way they have never seen before may be a little disappointed but Rana has definitely gone to the next level with this series.

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