Director Krishnavamshi, who suits the creative director tag has been lagging behind in making his brand of films for years. Krishnavamshi movie is usually considered as a must-see movie but he has lost his mojo over the years. But after a long gap, Krishnavamshi is looking to show his strength once again with the movie Rangamarthanda.

Rangamarthanda is a remake of Marathi film Nata Samrat and is being released for Ugadi. Before the release of this film, special premieres are being held to generate interest in the film. Krishnavamshi, who has already given special premieres for all the directors, is also using their response as promotions. In the meantime, some content-based films are being released with positive talk after premiering in the same way.

The recently released Sir and Balagam films followed the same trend. Now Krishnavamsi Rangamarthanda is also premiering in the same way and it has to be seen whether this can help in bringing it to the audience. All the directors who have seen Rangamarthanda have already complimented that this is an original Krishna Vamsi brand film.  For Commercial movies, there will be openings whether there is good publicity or not.

But movies like Rangamarthanda will get better results only if they are given publicity and reach the audience. It remains to be seen how well Rangamarthanda starring Prakash Raj, Ramyakrishna, Brahmanandam, Sivatmika, Ali Reza and Anasuya will succeed in appealing to the audience.

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