The recent incident in Amberpet has brought the issue of stray dog menace to the forefront once again, after a small child was tragically killed in a dog attack. The ruling party has faced a lot of criticism over the issue, with the High Court holding the civic authorities responsible. GHMC Mayor Gadwal Vijayalakshmi has particularly come under fire from many quarters.

The Mayor's response to the incident has not been well-received, with many questioning how a responsible person can make such statements. Even celebrities like Ram Gopal Varma have criticized her, with the director suggesting that the Mayor should have stray dogs released in her own home so she can understand the issue better.

Now, RGV has taken things further by releasing a song on the dog menace issue targeting the Mayor. He has penned the lyrics himself and made his stance clear with some strong lines. RGV questions how the Mayor can beg for taxes from people but fail to understand the problem with stray dogs.

Blaming the Mayor for the tragic loss of life, RGV says that she has a dog's brain and will only understand the situation if hundreds of dogs are released into her own home. Throughout the song, RGV continues to question and blame the Mayor, asking if she feels any pain seeing the child's parents crying after losing their son. It's clear that RGV is still holding the Mayor responsible for the incident and is not letting the issue go.

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